airlight steel race cycles tailor-made in belgium

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Interceptor SuperStiff — straight out of the Hell of the North. murdered-out Jaegher Interceptor SuperStiff, straight out of the Hell of the North..jpg?1429021334

Jaegher Bespoke Projects — Black (& Turquoise) Box Revelation (& Turquoise) Box Revelation - Jaegher Bespoke Projects.jpg?1429021342

Interceptor — Midnight Black & Midnight Black - Midnight Black & Midnight Black.jpg?1429021351

Interceptor SuperStiff — Custom camo SuperStiff.jpg?1429021360

Jaegher Bespoke Projects (Ascender) — Stainless Grey & blue Ascender - Bespoke Projects - one of one.jpg?1429021384


Jaegher Ascender — Stainless Grey & Lava Black Ascender - Stainless Grey & Lava Black.jpg?1429021393

Jaegher Interceptor — Gritty Grey & Jaegher Orange Interceptor - Gritty Grey & Jaegher Orange.jpg?1429021401

Jaegher Interceptor — Midnight Black & Midnight Black Interceptor - Midnight Black & Midnight Black.jpg?1429021406

Jaegher Interceptor — Sky Blue Interceptor - Sky Blue.jpg?1429021412

Jaegher Interceptor Classic — Blood Red & Blood Red Interceptor Classic - Blood Red & Blood Red .jpg?1429021417

Jaegher Interceptor SuperStiff / Bespoke

Jaegher Phantom — Ivory White & Deep Forest Green Phantom - Ivory White & Deep Forest Green.jpg?1429021436

Jaegher Phantom — Stainless Grey & Jaegher Orange Phantom - Stainless Grey & Jaegher Orange.jpg?1429021442

Jaegher Phantom — Terra Orange & Terra Brown Phantom - Terra Orange & Terra Brown.jpg?1429021447

Phantom — Rich Orange & Midnight Black - Rich Orange & Midnight Black.jpg?1429021454

Falcon — Custom camo racer, marathon winner or weekend warrior, the Jaegher Falcon does it all..jpg?1429021476

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