airlight steel race cycles tailor-made in belgium


If you want to see the different Jaegher race cycles before buying one, you are welcome in our shop in Ruiselede. Join us to make an appointment +32 497 24 69 82 or send an e-mail You can also place your order online and we will deliver your Jaegher at home.

A Jaegher bicycle is pure craftsmanship. Every frame is welded or brazed in our workshop in Ruiselede, Belgium. Only highly specialised welders can handle this kind of ultra-light, thin-walled tubes. Diel Vaneenooghe takes very special care of the TIG welded Jaegher frames (Ascender and Interceptor). His father Luc brazes the frames with lugs (Raptor Pistier and Phantom). Their experience in precision steel manufacturing is passed on from generation to generation.

Just like the best fashion designers don’t do ready-to-wear, Luc and Diel are not tempted by mass production. Every single Jaegher corresponds to the exact needs of its owner. In our workshop, the client is meticulously measured. It can take up to an hour to do this exactly right. Every tube of the frame is then cut and mitered exactly according to those measures. There is no such thing as ‘kind of right’ at Jaegher.

For the final assembly, clients get to choose from the finest: Sram (Red), Campagnolo (Record) or Shimano (Dura Ace and Ultegra). And when it comes to the other parts, only the best brands are good enough: Miche (wheels), Challenge (tyres), Fizik (saddles), 3T (stem, handlebar and seatpost). Nothing less will do to make a Jaegher perfect down to the last detail. 

And when we say custom made, we mean exactly that. You can even choose the colors. Stylish and timeless like the frame. The advantages of wet paint are that colors are more lively and vibrant, while being more environmentally friendly. And don’t be afraid to go deep into the details, because our painter David Meirhaeghe (yes, he’s the brother of) doesn’t like to leave a job half done. He only works his magic for the finest brands (Colnago) and the best racers (Sylvain Chavanel, Philippe Gilbert). If you really want to go all the way in personalization, you can choose a quote on the toptube. A signature phrase that best suits your personality and that has inspired the greatest of the greatest, from Einstein to Jobs to Merckx.

It goes without saying that you can drop by our workshop for after sales service. Tuning your gears, mounting new brakepads or chainrings, any kind of maintenance: just give us a call and we’ll make sure everything will be done in the optimal circumstances. The satisfaction and driving pleasure of Jaegher doesn’t stop at the sale. 


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Customer service and personal contact with our clients are very important to us. Please find all details below.

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You can always try to call Diel at +32 497 24 69 82 but to be honest, you'd be better off sending him an e-mail. You don't want him to lose his concentration while he's welding the most important piece of your race cycle, just to answer the phone, do you? We didn't think so. ;)