airlight steel race cycles tailor-made in belgium


When it comes to aesthetics, nothing beats a hand-crafted steel bicycle : it’s stylish, timeless and pure. And when it comes to performance, steel is definitely top dog. To put it simply, there is still no better material to build a bike with. The latest generation of steel has made this more true than ever.

1. Airlight

Jaegher frames are made of high-end Italian steel. The steel alloys of the newest generation are ultra light. Jaegher works exclusively with the top of the range, Columbus Spirit and XCR tubes: thick and solid at the tube ends, thin and light in the middle. The weight of our frames rivals that of other materials, while the ride quality is incomparable to anything.


2. Perfect fit

Small, medium or large: those are common sizes of carbon frames, which are then adapted with a long seatpost and stem. There’s an obvious reason for this. The moulds of carbon frames are very expensive to produce. So every manufacturer tries to limit the number of moulds to reduce overall production costs. They are forced to mass-produce, because real personalization would be extremely expensive.

Jaegher is not a big fan of industrial production, so we decided to go back to the steel roots of cycling. It does require a lot of man hours and craftsmanship, but we take pride in what we do. Our experts take your measurements, down to the last detail, and then get to building a frame to fit your body, tube by tube.

3. Comfort on the road

Steel is an extremely reactive material. Compress a steel spring and it will bounce back quickly. An aluminum or carbon spring bounces back much slower. A steel frame will therefor absorb bumps and vibrations on the road, while transferring each pedal-stroke into pure speed. This unrivalled comfort and road feel are not just nice for you, they also improve your performance. You will remain fresh and more alert for longer. The unique feel of steel is difficult to translate into statistics and numbers, so it has rarely been highlighted. Where the latest generations of steel especially shine is in their rigidity, which results in a very efficient frame.


4. Life long guarantee

It is not a very well kept secret that carbon wears with time. The resin that holds the carbon fibres together loses its strength after a couple of years and microscopic cracks are formed within the layers. Our high end Columbus Spirit and XCr alloys are hard as steel – what else – and keep their strength for life.

Another problem with carbon is its fragility. It breaks when hit hard. Steel is much more resis-tant, especially the top-of-the-line variant used for Jaegher frames. To make our point we give a lifelong guarantee to the first owner of our frames.

5. Sustainable materials

You will find no dubious fibres or rare materials, but simple and honest steel at Jaegher. A steel frame can be repaired if needed and should never end up on the rubbish pile. 


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