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Apologies for the shameless plug and spamming of the group, but I've just launched a cycling blog with a couple of other mates who are cycling obsessives. It'll be covering the big pro races with daily stages reports, which are hopefully written a little differently that the usual stage summaries! Be really grateful of any thoughts you have on it and if you like please follow us on Facebook to get all the latest reports: #jaegher #AllegaertK The machine and his trusty bicycle. #AllegaertK used a custom made #Jaegher Ascender and Interceptor Classic with the following components : @campagnolosrl Record (compact - 12/27) @sws_wheels RCA22 & RCA27 @conti2wheel GP4000S 25mm tires @apidura bags @supernova lights Above category... The man and his machine (or the machine and his bicycle) right after the finish in Vladivostok. #jaegher #jaeghertheunfairadvantage #builttolast Do you feel like celebrating this truly amazing and inspiring performance together with Kristof, then you are very welcome to do this together with us on Sunday 09/08 16h - Vandaleplein Kortrijk. See you there !!!

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Etienne’s father, Odiel, was the first in the family with bike fever in his blood. If you wanted to participate in Milan-San Remo, you had to cycle to Milan first. Those were the times he lived in. He won the toughest leg in the Tour of Belgium in 1932. That was the start of the Jaegher adventure...


Steel welded with years of tradition Diel Vaneenooghe
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