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These two beauties are on their way to our good friends of LOUE Cycles in Singapore. The Lion's new Jaegher Interceptor, ready for the cobbles on Velominati Keepers Tour! This Jaegher Interceptor is ordered by Johan Museeuw in his pursuit for the ultimate bike. It will be, for many years to come, his weapon of choice during his daily rides. This Jaegher Interceptor SuperStiff has put on his battledress and is eager to conquer the Roubaix cobbles and attack the Flemish climbs over and over and over again. - Di2 ready - 28mm tire clearance - Custom "camo" paint Our Belgian craftsmanship can now also be admired in Flanders most beautiful B&B. The Jaegher artisans have excelled once again... Jaegher Interceptor - Gritty Grey & Jaegher Orange - Bespoke paint "Velominati" logo's painted.

Our Heritage and Expertise

Etienne’s father, Odiel, was the first in the family with bike fever in his blood. If you wanted to participate in Milan-San Remo, you had to cycle to Milan first. Those were the times he lived in. He won the toughest leg in the Tour of Belgium in 1932. That was the start of the Jaegher adventure...


Steel welded with years of tradition Diel Vaneenooghe
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