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Kristof Allegaert —world’s best long distance cyclist — and his Inseparable Jaegher Interceptor. Kristof Allegaert won the TransContinental not only once but 2 times. He’s the champion of the 2015 Red Bull TransSiberian Extreme and Friday he will start his 3rd TransContinental Race. The race will commence the 29th in Geraardsbergen and ends 3400km later. This is a hard race because there will be no support or fixed route. Each rider is on his own. Kristof’s only companion for this endeavour will be his red airlight steel Jaeger Interceptor. His ‘made to measure’ Interceptor Sharp is TIG welded with the new super stiff frame set. If you wish to follow how Kristof and his Jaeger are doing during the race, will be covering this epic challenge. #jaegher #steelisreal #airlightsteel #allegaert #transcontinental Johan Museeuw and his Jaegher. Once a hunter always a hunter. #steelisreal #letour #tourdefrance #tdf #jaegher #handmade #photo Koen Keppens Jaegher, very official race cycles. #jaegher #airlightsteel #uci #Repost @fischi666 ・・・ shooting with @jaegher_cycles at #mtventoux in beautiful provence... sooo sick! 👊🏼🚴🏽⛰😅 #gopro #goprobike #goprophoto #letour Les Beaux de Provence. #cabriolets #jaegher #steelracecycles #dreamsonwheels

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Etienne’s father, Odiel, was the first in the family with bike fever in his blood. If you wanted to participate in Milan-San Remo, you had to cycle to Milan first. Those were the times he lived in. He won the toughest leg in the Tour of Belgium in 1932. That was the start of the Jaegher adventure...


Steel welded with years of tradition Diel Vaneenooghe
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