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#Jaegher #mountainbike #steel #steelisreal #handmade #belgium #nowavailable #thistimeoftheyear Kristof did it again! #bookoftheday #Velominati The Rules - The way of the cycling disciple by Velominati Keepers . An absolute must if you are serious about cycling. Now also available in the language of The Prophet. And always remember, Rule#12 : the correct number of bikes to own is N+1 (N is the number of bikes currently owned). It is like always have smooth tarmac and a tail wind. I am very satisfied and recommend highly to anyone who enjoys great cycling. Steel definitely still on top for me. WTD Another beauty. #bookoftheday Peleton magazine 46 - House of Jaegher Words : Clive Pursehouse

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Etienne’s father, Odiel, was the first in the family with bike fever in his blood. If you wanted to participate in Milan-San Remo, you had to cycle to Milan first. Those were the times he lived in. He won the toughest leg in the Tour of Belgium in 1932. That was the start of the Jaegher adventure...


Steel welded with years of tradition Diel Vaneenooghe
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